SFV Acid "New West Coast: …"


So Cal native SFV Acid will soon release a new six-song 12" record on LA's Post Present Medium label, which is closed out by this solid bit of funky, lo-fi electronics. "New West Coast: …" finds producer Zane Reynolds toying with old-school electro beats and proto-G-funk melodies that coalesce into a sound one might expect to hear bumping out of a tricked-out lowrider spaceship. But when the intensity is kicked up a notch, one can catch influences from an array of the IDM heroes in the Rephlexdiscography—including DMX Krew, Cylob, and The Tuss—who may as well be classified as alien gangstas themselves. SFV Acid seems to be in good company, to say the least, so consider us interested in what the rest of what his New West Coast record has to offer when it drops on March 29. (via Altered Zones)

New West Coast_ ...