Alejandro Paz vs. Roman "La Hora de Bailar (Versión Alejandro Paz)"

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Last week, we tipped you to Chilean-born, Spanish-residing DJ Alejandro Paz and his kwaito-tinged remix of Auntie Flo's "Oh My Days." Now, he's back with a free, brand-new single from his collaborative project with fellow Chilean producer Roman. Freshly released on Discos Pegaos, "La Hora de Bailar" sees the two producers putting their own unique spin on the material from a live jam session. Alejandro sent us his version as a way of introducing the project, and "La Hora de Bailar (Versión Alejandro Paz)" rides a bongo-led rhythm through a wild party of Arthur Russell-style vocals and detuned orchestral stabs. The full single is available for download from the Discos Pegaos website.

La Hora de Bailar (Versión Alejandro Paz)