Viers "92688"**

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Viers, the moniker of Leeds newcomer Jordon Saxton, is the latest artist to prep a release for South London party-turned-label Church. But while the outpost's previous releases have tended to aim squarely at getting crowds riled up, Viers seems to be seems to be more interested in soundtrack the comedown on "92688." The bonus cut sounds tailor made for 3 a.m., when the crowd has thinned somewhat and the diehards are going even harder. Driving sub-kicks are supplemented by the sporadic appearance of a very distant vocal sample, before an ambient wash swells up from the myst. Viers' focused, taut rhythms succeed at their modest goal, making for a decent introduction to the producer's "002" b/w "Your Body" 12" before it drops on July 8.