King Knut "A Lil' Soul"*Musique Large*

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Norwegian producer King Knut got his start by producing for both The xx (in the band's early years) and Foreign Beggars. Now, his solo work, which is said to be influenced by a range of music that spans from psychedelic rock to contemporary R&B, is surfacing, as he plans to release King 46 via Musique Large on March 25. The bubbly "A Lil' Soul" sees King Knut spotlighting a glowing melody through what sounds like '60s- or '70s-era organ tones while subdued cymbals, handclaps, and wood blocks hold down a steady, mid-tempo groove. To be sure, given its electronic backbone and full-bodied bassline, "A Lil' Soul" wouldn't be out of place on the dancefloor.

A Lil' Soul