Kito Jempere "A Mirage Seen at Buffalo"

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Increasingly active Russian producer Kito Jempere has put together a collection of "unreleased demos and live takes" for Cassette Store Day, set to take place on Saturday, September 27. In anticipation, the burgeoning talent has passed along "A Mirage Seen at Buffalo," a synth-streaked cut from the forthcoming tape. Spanning over seven minutes, the "demo" (though it certainly doesn't sound unfinished) is a methodical expedition, one soaked in steely techno tones and led by a particularly entrancing motif which jumps octaves as the track steadily shuffles along. Officially out on Saturday, the rest of Jempere's forthcoming cassette can be previewed after the jump.

A Mirrage Seen at Buffalo

A Mirage Seen at Buffalo