Micro Panda Shall Burst "A Violet V-Forever"*Cleaning Tapes*

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Using their emails to trade loops and sessions back and forth, budding artists My Panda Shall Fly and Microburst have crafted a collaborative EP of densely textured productions together under the clever name Micro Panda Shall Burst. The moderately up-tempo but intricately interwoven "A Violet V-Forever" stems from the pair's resulting Earth and Air and Rain EP. With a bed of bubbling percussive tones and airy chords at its base, the tune shows how well the two producers' styles fit together, with each diving deep into sonic details while never losing site of the pulsating rhythm which holds the track together. The four-track Earth and Air and Rain EP is out now in both cassette and digital form, or—for those feeling adventurous—can be experienced via a series of immersive interactive videos which can be watched/played with here, here, here, and here.

A Violet V-Forever