Ada Kaleh 'Morgana avidoma'

'Nedesluș în amurg' EP is out now.
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Ada Kaleh is set for his first release of the year, namely Nedesluș în amurg

The EP features three pieces designed in Ada Kaleh's distinctive and, at times, peculiar style. It follows a busy 2017 for the Romanian DJ-producer, during which he shared his Palatul de Cleștar LP via R&S Records, among several other EPs. 

In support of the release, which lands today on Ada Kaleh Romania (the label's seventh release), you can download "Morgana avidoma" in full via the button below. We're told that the track is what spawned the other two that are featured on the vinyl.


A1. Nedeslusit in amurg

B1. Morgana avidoma (venind)

B2. Morgana avidoma (plecand)