Low Line Relay "Afterglow"*Audio Parallax*

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Low Line Relay, the work of Londoner Leo O'Callaghan, trades in deep house with a smattering of jazz touches. Taken from the producer's upcoming Sea Legs LP, "Afterglow" adds a more foreboding atmosphere to O'Callaghan's usual aesthetic, with a swelling bass synth that continually moves around the stereo field. Chirpy, scratchy hi-hats and a steady four-on-the-floor kick keep the production grounded before wordless vocals and orchestral synth stabs break the tension, allowing the whole thing to slowly unwind. "Afterglow" shows Low Line Relay stretching his legs a bit while keeping his palette limited to only a few elements, which we'll hopefully hear more of when Sea Legs drops on July 12. Before then, previews of that record's 13 tracks can be heard after the jump.

01. Below The Surface
02. Pushed To The Limit
03. Spiral
04. Slave To The Grind
05. The Bass Player
06. Afterglow
07. Solid Sun
08. Tied Up In Knots
09. Travelling Light
10. Silver Screen
11. Altitude
12. Foresight
13. Knackered Out