Wav Dwgs "Age (Roche Remix)"

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Last summer, we heard from the duo of Greg Zifack (formerly of the hyper-ravey Eats Tapes duo) and Bobby Browser, who were jointly operating as Global Warning. Now the duo has resurfaced under a new guise, Wav Dwgs, and have unveiled a handful of new tracks, including this remix from fellow San Francisco-based producer Roche. Where the original version of "Age" weaves elements in and out of its repeated synth stabs, Roche sends those stabs to the back of the line, instead focusing on a barrage of overdriven percussion, and bouncing, syncopated synth lines. Throw in a mechanically precise drum machine driving the whole affair and this one is sure to prove satisfying for even the most yearning of hardware-based techno fiends.

Age (Roche remix)