Paper Tiger "Air (SertOne Remix)"

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It's rare to come across a six-piece "hip hop, space jazz, and bass-loving outfit," but Leeds band Paper Tiger is exactly that. Laptop Suntan, the group's upcoming full-length for Wah Wah 45s (out on on October 28, pictured above), makes use of a host of collaborators and MCs, so it's not surprising that album cut "Air" is rife with possibility in the hands of the right remixer. Here, Liverpool-based artist SertOne takes on that role, transforming the original song into a stuttering UK garage workout that simultaneously recalls the neon-saturated sounds of the LuckyMe crew and the more futuristic takes on trap music. A bright chord intro makes use of several layers of delay before a reverb-heavy, '80s-inspired lead pokes through the surface, helping turn "Air (SertOne Remix)" into a rhythmically focused dancefloor-burner.

Air (SertOne Remix)