Craig Bratley "Analogue Dreams"

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This week sees UK producer Craig Bratley issue his debut LP, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, a 10-track effort which showcases the man's propensity for tweaking disco formulas into any number of shapes and sizes. One such track is "Analogue Dreams," a production driven by cascading hardware tones and some light percussion (which is anchored by deep-tuned kick drums). Atop this bed, Bratley effortlessly floats in a number of interlocked arpeggio melodies, which are hand-tweaked as they glide across the track before eventually being joined by a procession of bouncing piano chords and fast-moving digital strings. Out now in vinyl form (and set to see a digital release on December 15) via the Tsuba label, Bratley's Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride LP can be further previewed after the jump.

Analogue Dreams