Andy Stott "Anytime Soon"*Adult Swim*

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Dub-techno aficionado Andy Stott is the latest to debut a new track for Adult Swim's singles series, and the Mancunian producer used the opportunity to stretch his legs a bit. Now free to download after appearing as a stream late last week, "Anytime Soon" finds Stott experimenting with moody textures that slowly build from deep within the track's belly, congealing into an eight-minute workhorse of pulsating, industrial-informed sounds. The raw, buzzing synth growls and cacophonous blasts of noise are contrasted by the ephemeral vocals of vocalist Alison Skidmore, whose contributions to Stott's Luxury Problems LP added depth and emotional heft to the album's sludgy techno workouts. Here, Skidmore's vocals are more linear, even though the murky production itself seems to be unwinding on it own volition, ready to jump off the rails at any moment.

Anytime Soon