Etch "Aquamarine"

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With a pedigree that extends to creating rich, researched mixes for Dusk & Blackdown and N-Type on Rinse FM, London-based producer Etch (a.k.a. Zak Brashill) and his new Horizons EP owes just as much to a longstanding jungle tradition as it does the producer's own innovations. "Aquamarine," the closing tune taken from Etch's three-track record, uses 2-step as a launching pad to create a hypnotic, singular groove while a ghostly, Burial-esque voice peels off into the fog. With its crystal-clear percussion work juggling hard snares and disembodied breaks playfully weaving in and out of the haze, "Aquamarine" makes for an engrossing cut from a fresh EP, the rest of which you can stream after the jump.