Le Makeup "Matra"

Asian synth-pop.
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Le Makeup is Keisuke Iiri, a singer, producer, and guitarist from Osaka, Japan. Iiri’s Matra EP was released on October 12 via Eternal Dragonz (EDZ). 

"Matra" is the titular single from the forthcoming Matra EP, a rhythmic meditation, memories of digital dancehall filtered through a wash of detuned electric guitar. For Iiri, it’s a record about "love, compassion and appreciating the intimate moments," we're told. His music steps away from the sonic brashness of big Japanese cities and embraces the natural world surrounding his home of Osaka.

"This record is about how important love and compassion have become in my life, living this to the edge. It's about taking in the intimate moments like touching each other's fingers, being honest to yourself and following the dreams you have for the future." — Le Makeup

In support of the EP, out now, you can download "Matra" in full via the button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.