Silk 86 "Aviation Blonde"

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Silk 86 might be a new name to most, but the UK duo of Finn Casey and Thomas L has been DJing and throwing parties in its native London for over a decade now. So it's to be expected that "Aviation Blonde," a new track Silk 86 is giving away to celebrate the imminent release of its Pleasure Venture EP (out on October 28 via Sneaky), shows no signs of the two producers being out of their element. The cut is a smooth, expansive ride through a few decades of dance music history, as funky hi-hat patterns mingle with a delay-soaked vocal sample and '80s-indebted synth pads float over a taut '90s-era kick drum. And the steady build of "Aviation Blonde" never peaks too early, demonstrating Silk 86's implicit understanding of how to tease and energize a dancefloor.

Aviation Blonde