Kuhn "Back 'N' Forth (Drop/Dead Alternative Remix)"

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Civil Music, label home to artists such as Starkey, Drums of Death, and Om Unit, will be releasing a new EP from young Brooklyn-based producer Kuhn on November 14. The expansive Slime Beach EP (pictured above) contains four originals and six remixes, including this one by London-based producer Drop/Dead. One of two Drop/Dead reworks on the EP, the track offers an easier listen than the original, swapping out the brooding detuned pads, footwork rhythms, and panned polyrhythmic vocals for a groovier, garage-influenced sound with thumping percussion and even more severely altered vocal snippets. Prior to Slime Beach, Kuhn originally entered the scene with a series of self-released EPs, and has chosen to continue the tradition by offering another free remix EP, We're Gonna Make It, which can be found after the jump.

Back 'N' Forth (Drop Dead Alternative Mix)