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Lazer Sword "Batman"

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The first single to be heard from multinational duo Lazer Sword's debut, self-titled LP (out on November 2) is "Batman," a steadily grooving and intricately made production that seems to host about a hard drive's worth of percussive micro-samples, dissonant synth tones, and cosmic sound effects. And for one of the first times in Low Limit's and Lando Kal's collaborative career, the production duo uses vocal work that isn't rap. A soulful female vocalist croons some indecipherable passages, a ghostly "ooooh" wafts in the background, and a talkbox eventually makes its way onto the scene proclaiming "I can't help myself" something something. To be fair, it doesn't matter quite what it's saying, but instead how it's saying it. If "Batman" is evidence of the growth of Lazer Sword's sound, it's apparent that you can no longer group LL and LK in with the generic glitch-hop, lazer-bass, or related beat scenes that have grown slowly into ubiquity. The soulful tendencies of post-dubstep, UK funky, and wonky bass have infiltrated the duo's palette and helped transform its work into something else entirely.

Catch more Lazer Sword tunes, including remixes from Nguzunguzu and Rustie, when the Batman 12" comes out soon on Innovative Leisure. (via FADER)