Restiform Bodies "Bobby Trendy Addendum"

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Seven years, numerous solo projects, and a lot of music has happened since we last saw a release from Resitorm Bodies, whose self-titled debut album dropped in 2001. Now, Bomarr, Telephone Jim Jesus, and Passage have reunited as a collective and are unleashing TV Loves You Back, their first proper release since hiatus and their debut record for Oakland, CA-based imprint anticon. Equal parts hip-hop, pop, and new wave, the new album carries a distinctly dark feel to it, with heavy, ghettotech-style bass and lyrics spit over the mic at an aggressive pace. "Bobby Trendy Addendum" takes a bitter stab at impulse buying and nightly, fear-mongering news programs (which, according to this track, are somehow linked), and is a good introduction to this cult group's sound.

Restiform Bodies - Bobby Trendy Addendum