Dynooo "Body God"*Astro:Dynamics*

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South London transplant Dynooo will make his debut on the Astro:Dynamics label later this month with Mesh N2 Air, yet another release to come from the consistently growing imprint which sounds as if it was composed inside a machine room of the future. Pulled from Dynooo's forthcoming cassette, "Body God" pushes a cold, mechanical beat, one which aligns misshapen clangs and chunky clunks into spiralling rhythms, around which an abundance of spacey synth textures and ghostly melodies loosely appear. Likely by design, it's hard to perceive the exact patterns at work on "Body God," but it's also this sense of intrigue that is bound to keep us coming back for more when Dynooo's nine-track Mesh N2 Air is made available on July 29.

Body God