Boxwork 'Repertoire Unit'

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South London’s Shades Recordings will soon release Dive Left, the first full-length offering from James Wilson (a.k.a Boxwork)—as announced here last week.

According to the label, Dive Left is an "intensely personal" record which is "at once dark and vivid, melodic, and hardbitten."

Dive Left is scheduled for February 24 release, with "Repertoire Unit" downloadable in full via the WeTransfer button below.


01. Automatic
02. Portland Push
03. Honest Loose
04. Life Tour 29
05. Fantasy Build and Handheld
06. Repertoire Unit
07. Phant
08. Requestline
09. 77%
10. Requestline II
11. Ritual
12. Making Use
13. Dive Left
14. Ergonomic