Kouta "Branches (Lotide Remix)"

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Kouta's Orinda EP (artwork above) popped up out of seemingly nowhere about halfway though 2011, bestowing its four tracks of tender, detailed electronics on our ears. Now, the Bay Area producer has announced plans for a rerelease of sorts (set to drop sometime this November), gathering remixes of the EP's songs from the likes of WeDidIt cohort D33J, Trifonic, and, featured here, So Cal producer Lotide, who some may recognize as one of the newer names to show up on Svetlana Industries' artist roster. Much in the vein of the original "Branches," the first half of Lotide's rework is mostly an electro-acoustic effort, pairing rich, percussive textures with ghostly, reversed drones. But, of course, Lotide wouldn't just leave us hanging with some aimless rework, so right after the two minute mark, everything comes together when an absolutely gorgeous beat takes shape. The textures and drones remain in the mix, and are rendered into an understandable form as they swirl around a set of glass-like drums that tell us exactly when to nod our heads. We're more than happy to do as they say.

Branches (Lotide Remix)