Universal Studios Florida "Branss"


Yes, Universal Studios Florida is a pretty awesome band name, but names alone won't get you very far. We need the music to make us move, and the two Seattle residents in U.S.F. make the kind of blissful, summery synth-pop that we've been moving to for some time now. Like a slow-grooving Delorean tune, "Branss" offers a thick wash of hazy atmosphere and lilting melodic elements alongside the slow bounce of its island-inspired rhythm. It's the aural equivalent of a bright afternoon spent alone on a white-sand beach, throwing a colorful beach ball into the surf and watching it bob up and down in the warm water as you swim towards it lazily—completely content in the day's relaxing simplicity. And if you yearn for more musical goodness from the production duo, check out a preview of U.S.F's forthcoming new album, The Spray, over on Bandcamp. (via 20 Jazz Funk Greats)

01 Branss