El_Txef_A "Broken Bridges (El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team 2013 Edit)"**

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On March 18, Spanish producer El_Txef_A (pronounced "Elchefa") will unleash a collection of remixes from last year's Slow Dancing in a Burning Room LP. The EP arrives courtesy of El_Txef_A's own Fiakun label and features remixes by Kasper Bjorke and the heads of the Munich-based Permanent Vacation label. The digital release will feature two extra tracks, but neither version includes this bongo-heavy bonus edit credited to El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team. It's a dramatic cut driven by a harmony of pitch-bent vocals between a more masculine voice that's been screwed down to a dopey croon and a more feminine, slightly pinched singer.

Broken Bridges (El_Txef_A & Fiakun Team 2013 Edit)