Greenmoney "Calling You"

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Back in 2009, Leo Greenslade and Alex Phountzi (formerly of Bugz in the Attic) came together for what was supposed to be a one-off session with the goal of reworking Kanye West's "Love Lockdown," and, somehow, Greenmoney was born. Since then, the two have continued to produce and remix together and have even launched their own imprint under the same name. Now, two years later, Greenmoney is ready to release its second EP, Dubs Vol. 2 (artwork above), and has presented one of the outing's arpeggiated, soul-infused, party jams, "Calling You," to help spread the word. This tune will be available along with two similarly propulsive cuts, "Boomticka" and "Open Sesame," when the Dubs Vol. 2 EP drops December 12.

Calling You