1000 Names "Caravan (Coco Bryce's Southern Edit)"

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1000 Names (pictured above) is a production pair who hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. Having landed tracks on labels such as Black Acre, Project: Mooncircle, and others over the years, the outfit will next land of Kelpe's DRUT imprint with the Migration Pads LP (out October 27), from which the original version of the duo's "Caravan" production comes. On his rework of the track, enterprising beatmaker Coco Bryce maintains the original track's warm, swaying pads while he focuses his efforts on reshaping the tune's rhythmic structure. Tucked beneath the beat's sunlit textures, Bryce fits deeps kicks, stuttering hats, and sharp snares; where 1000 Names' original washed the listener beneath its momentum, Bryce's version is more fit to snap one's neck.

Caravan (Coco Bryce's Southern Edit)