Az&Tor "Carry Mine (The Golden Boy Remix)"**

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Producers Aisha Zoe and Rich Main (a.k.a. Az&Tor) have followed up their debut offering, Resend, with another release for MadTech. Consisting of three new originals and two remixes from No Artificial Colours and Polkadot, the duo's Sit Back EP (artwork above) is a soulful, deep house workout with an emphasis on vocals. And although it's not included on the record, The Golden Boy's remix of EP cut "Carry Mine" maintains a similar vibe, as its creator chops up the original vocals and adds plenty of swing to make for an infectious, peak-time garage number. The Sit Back EP is out now, and clips from the release can be streamed after the jump.

Sit Back (The Golden Boy Remix)

Carry Mine (The Golden Boy Remix)