Urkelle "Cathy Eldred"

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Abrasive and dust-drenched dance music has been a recurring theme so far in 2012, with Actress's latest LP receiving plaudits across the board and Hessle Audio announcing their first new artist in quite some time, the enigmatic and distortion-dousing British producer Bandshell. "Cathy Eldred" by Dutch artist Urkelle burrows deep into this aesthetic, too, as he sends his hi-hats into the microwave and sands down his kick drums for a fuzzy effect that will have a late night crowd practically coughing on the disorienting haze. A digital bonus track that arrives ahead of Urkelle's new EP for Lomechanik, When Her Language Goes on Holiday, the tune nonetheless hammers home the producer's unique style that seems to exude high-velocity polyrhythms and caustic textures all while staying playful with a skipping two-step beat. The snaking and obtuse bassline that creeps into the tune adds yet another layer of menace to an already paranoid and intriguing composition. You can check out previews of Urkelle's forthcoming four-track 12" before it drops on June 25, below.

Cathy Eldred