Henrik Koefod & Rewolmer "Cerrone"

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Denmark is rarely singled out as a hotbed for underground club music, but a new push by a collective of artists organizing under the name Polaron just might begin to change things. Next Tuesday, the crew will be offering a free compilation, Polaron Selections #1, its website. As a sort of preview, Polaron has sent along "Cerrone," a vivid, laser-treated floor track resulting from a collaboration between Henrik Koefod and Rewolmer. Hedonistic synths play across the tune in a show of beachside elegance, steadied by a vintage-sounding kick and a sawed-off bassline with enough oomph to carry a party into the early hours of tomorrow. As for the rest of the compilation, we'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear exactly what it has in store, but before then, the full tracklisting has been made available and can be viewed, after the jump.

1. Variete - Gothenberg
2. Henrik Koefed & Rewolmer - Cerrone
3. Disquiet & Plasticsun - Jackit
4. Beastie Respond - NV Pimpwalk
5. Hors - Ssafe
6. Carbeck - Thean
7. Sebastian Ploug - Humanold
8. Kilimanjaro - Lucky U Stayed