Brett "Chalon (Bam Spacey's Sad Summer of '89 Mix)"

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An unhurried, sun-soaked pop track in its original form, Brett's "Chalon" serves as the lead track to the Stateside outfit's self-titled debut LP, which appeared earlier this year via the ever-growing Cascine label (an imprint who also welcomed the likes of Essáy and Lemonade to its roster in 2014). Now in the hands of Malmö, Sweden-based producer Bam Spacey—whose debut LP, 1998, arrives next month via Brooklyn's Ceremony outpost—"Chalon" is reshaped into a more heavenly affair, one led by a melody worthy of the remix's 1989 time stamp and further bathed in gradually evolving layers of airy synths.

Chalon (Bam Spacey's Sad Summer of '89 Mix)