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Teengirl Fantasy "Cheaters"

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The Oberlin-based collegiate pair in Teengirl Fantasy have been bubblin' on the XLR8R radar for about a year now (remember this song?), and with good merit. Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss spent a good amount of time pilfering the sounds and ideas of classic house and techno before bringing them all together in their old-school-referencing dance jams, and the duo's forthcoming debut for True Panther, 7AM, is the proper culmination of Teengirl Fantasy's hotly tipped efforts. "Cheaters" is the first track to be shared from the album, and it's a poignant number built of a thumping house beat, some warbling synth pads, a slow-driving bassline, and one hell of a soulful vocal track that serves as the focal point of Teengirl Fantasy's awesome tune while also sounding totally unhinged from it.

7AM will be released September 14.

06 Cheaters

06 Cheaters