Cord Labuhn 'Towel Game'

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Cord Labuhn is back making noise with OUTTAKES, an innovative series of new releases.

Contrary to all things house and techno, OUTTAKES is a series of songs, beats, tracks, sonic fragments, and recordings that reflect his state of mind and consciousness further than only dance music. Based in Berlin, the musician and bold creative diverges from his familiar Robosonic tone to reconnect to his roots and follows a rekindling of his love affair with hip-hop that saw him hit the studio with iconic names such as EPMD, Masta Ace, and The Beatnuts & Greg Nice. Each release explores different themes in keeping with Cord’s sound. Being delivered in a series format, the installments are drip-released weekly as streams, downloads, and evolving playlists.

Up today is Outtake number five, titled "Towel Game," which is exclusively available to download via the WeTranfer button below.

Towel Game