My Favorite Robot "Dead of the Dance"

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Toronto trio My Favorite Robot's eponymous imprint is preparing to release the second installment of its Crossing Wires compilation series later this month, a 14-track mix that has been overseen by veteran German producer/DJ Timo Maas, and will feature tracks by the likes of Agoria, Tim Green, My Favorite Robot, and Timo Maas himself, among others. Before Crossing Wires 002 sees its official release on June 23, the My Favorite Robot trio has passed long "Dead of the Dance," a nostalgically futuristic slab of techno which will appear early on in the mix. Throughout the tune, bursts of brooding synth stabs mingle with organic samples as the quasi-acid bassline and the four-on-the-floor beat chug steadily along. "Dead of the Dance" can be snagged below, while the artwork and full tracklist for the Crossing Wires 002 compilation can be found after the jump.

1. Eric Volta feat. monolitio - Dreams Don`t Turn to Dust
2. My Favorite Robot - Dead of the Dance
3. DJ Sossa feat Kara Square - Consumer W**** (Garbant Wave mix)
4. Discern & Signal Flow - Coarse Language
5. Igor Vicente - Ashes
6. Tim Green - Pleanty of Spiders
7. Martin Buttrich - Bubble Heat
8. Timo Maas - Watching the Robots
9. Villanova - Ola
10. Pezzner - Exit (Sebastian Mullaert Remix)
11. Daniel Stefanik - Edge of Motion
12. Chris Carrier - Wicked Night
13. Timo Maas & Santos - Z Panorama
14. Agoria - For One Hour (Villanova Remix)

Dead of the Dance

Dead of the Dance