DJ Dsign "Diamondz (Get Money Brenmar Edit)"

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Brooklyn-based producer Brenmar believes in the virtue of quantity. At least, it seems that way; his remixes and productions pass through the XLR8R office just about every week. That's not to say his tracks lack quality (that other virtue of production), far from it. Brenmar excels in pumping out dancefloor heaters at an unfathomable pace, which leads us to his latest cut, an edit of DJ Dsign's "Diamondz (Get Money)" he did as a "lil bday gift" and gave away on his birthday four days ago. The edit sees Brenmar cleaning up the original's rhythm, throwing in some creative filters, adding a subtle piano chord (albeit mostly buried in the mix), and ripping out the aggro synth-stabs in favor of a heavy dose of simmering low-end.

Diamondz (Get Money Brenmar Edit)