Tomlaan "Ding"

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Netherlands-based producer and interactive-media designer Tomlaan has just released BASH001, the inaugural 12" via for the newly minted Styles Upon Styles imprint. The record features six new originals, one of which is "Ding," a track driven by Middle Eastern percussion. Though the tune starts out boasting club-ready, hip-hop elements, the mood shifts as layers of smooth, swelling synths break up the beat and relax the vibe. The song stands out as a perplexing piece with a variety of leanings, as do the remaining tracks on the EP; although rooted in hip-hop, they touch upon many forms, genres, and emotional states. Preview the entire release here, and vinyl fetishists should take note that only 200 physical copies of BASH001 have been pressed, all of which include unique, hand-painted jackets from the artist himself.