Clouds "Drone Function (Divvorce Remix)"*Fifth Wall*

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The next release from rising Scottish duo Clouds is less than a week away, with the forthcoming Man Out of Dubs EP (artwork above) set to drop on April 30 via Brooklyn's fledgling Fifth Wall label. The imprint's fast-paced release schedule is only matched by the driving techno with which the label has concerned itself, and this new EP appears to be no different. Pulled from the tail end of Man Out of Dubs is this remix from Fifth Wall co-owner Divvorce, who somewhat quells the rougher and more unpredicatable textures of Clouds' original track into more subterranean depths. Before Clouds' upcoming EP sees an official release, a preview of the six-track effort—which also includes a remix from the other Fifth Wall label head, Hound Scales—can be heard after the jump.

Drone Function (Divvorce Remix)