Eclektic 'Sky Holder'

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Eclektic is the solo project of Zürich-based electronic producer Daniel Stucki.

Daniel’s interest in music began at the early age of seven when he started playing acoustic guitar and listening to a lot of music from different genres. In 1995, he attended his first rave and became fascinated by this “new” electronic music as well as DJ mixing. A friend took him to his vinyl dealer and Dani started to mix at home with only a handful of LPs and a pair of decks. After several years, he was ready for public gigs—intially at private and small events, but he was soon booked as a resident DJ at clubs and bigger rave events across Switzerland and Germany.

Dani then moved on to composing his own music under his alias 7AIR, first together with friends in their studios before building his own. During this time, his interest evolved into downtempo music. He soon started to compose "what came from his heart," he says. Then, in 2016, he had his first EP released under his new alias Eclektic. Under this alias, he aims to share "a unique, intuitive sound that creates a hypnotic trip of forward beats and almost palpable overtones."

As a showcase of his work, he's shared "Sky Holder," a recent cut that can be downloaded in full via the WeTransfer button below.