Electric Boogies 'Break Mandrake'

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On December 15, SDB Discos will release AS 10 MAIS BOOGIE vol. 1, an eclectic selection of Brazilian music from the '80s.

Boogie is a style driven by Moog synths, vocoders, DX7s, and triggered Oberheim drum sounds, with Brazil's leading components of the genre including Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti, Junior Mendes, Mister Sam, and Sergio Sá. For the retrospective release, SDB Discos has colated a collection of overlooked "compactos" (33 RPM 7" singles) that either never saw release or sat for years in vaults of radio stations, second hand shops, church basements, and junkyards.

In support of the forthcoming release, SDB Discos has offered up early '80s rap hit "Break Mandrake," a very special, highly coveted track, as today's XLR8R download. To give you an idea of the admiration this record has amongst collectors the world over, an original copy of the record just sold for over $300 on Ebay. It's a funk-filled ride through drum-machine rhythms, raw synth lines, and inspired sampling that will immediately make you aware of the influence it would have on genres and artists that would follow.

You can grab "Break Mandrake" via WeTransfer below, with the record available for pre-order here.

Break Mandrake