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E.Super "Embedded in Me"

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E.Super have previously crafted beats backing the likes of Busdriver, Nocando, and Oh No, but now the production crew is poised to drop its own style into the massive pool of SoCal's beat scene. If this track off the group's forthcoming Side A EP is any indication, that style includes a bit of Daft Punk's vocoder-heavy pop sensibilities, lots of guitars, plenty of sparkling synths, and a breakbeat that just won't quit. "Embedded in Me" isn't quite what you'd expect to hear behind the lyrical prowess of someone like Busdriver, but it's sure to find some fans if they're looking for a carefree dance tune with a vocal hook that'll be stuck in your head for days.

The Side A EP is out July 6.

05 Embedded In Me

05 Embedded In Me