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Ford & Lopatin "Emergency Room"

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It seems like a name change wasn't the only transformation that Daniel Lopatin's and Joel Ford's Games project underwent after it dropped last year's That We Can Play EP. Now simply called Ford & Lopatin, the duo has adopted a more clean-cut and less sample-centric approach to its '80s radio-pop aesthetic, which is surprisingly joined by an Auto-Tune/vocoder croon on the first cut to leak from the pair's forthcoming Channel Pressure LP (pictured above). The slick robo hook isn't the only unexpected sound on "Emergency Room"; there are synthetic slap-and-pop basslines, kitschy electronic bleeps and bloops, super-compressed drum-machine beats, and it all sounds like it was ready made to deliver straight to the radio—instead of ripped straight from it. It will certainly be interesting to hear what else has changed for Ford & Lopatin when their debut record drops on June 7 via their own Software imprint. Before then, you can check out the album's tracklist after the jump. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

1. Scumsoft
2. Channel Pressure
3. Emergency Room
4. Rock Center Paranoia
5. Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)
6. New Planet
7. The Voices
8. Joey Rogers
9. Dead Jammer
10. Break Inside
11. Surrender
12. Green Fields
13. World Of Regret
14. G's Dream

Emergency Room

Emergency Room