ill Life "Ever Decreasing Circles"*Infinite Machine*

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This coming Monday will see the release of a self-titled EP from London techno head ill Life, who has passed along the forthcoming efforts opening track "Ever Decreasing Circles," an exceptionally powerful bit of techno. Apparently only familiar with the concepts of "on" and "off," ill Life immediately jumps into a pounding production built around wide drums that seem to always be pushing through the water-logged micro-sample that spins around them. Fortunately, ill Life quickly hits on an idea that is worth keeping at full throttle, though he does smartly hold off on the machine-minded chord stabs until halfway through the endeavor, providing "Ever Decreasing Circles" with one extra shot of adrenaline. Canada's Infinite Machine label will deliver ill Life's self-titled EP in digital form on June 3, with a 12" release to follow in July. A streaming preview of the record can be heard after the jump.

Ever Decreasing Circles