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The Death Set "Far Weathered Friends (Daedelus Cover)"

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The video for this track—a cover of Daedelus' "Fair Weather Friends" by young East Coast punk trio The Death Set—just premiered on our site, over here. The song is a buzzing, distorted mess of proto-punk sensibilities made to fit contemporary electronics and dance beats; it's noisy, it's fun, it's catchy, and above all, it's utterly sincere. You may be fighting the urge to cringe at the onset of the songs first half, but by the end of the two-minute-plus track, you'll be singing along to its "woooooahs" and "ooooohs" like you were back in high school at your first show ever.

The Death Set is currently hard at work on its second album with producer XXXchange, to be released later this fall.

Far Weathered Friends (Daedelus Cover)

Far Weathered Friends (Daedelus Cover)