MikeQ "Faster Master Blaster (5kinAndBone5 G-Mix)"

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The half-SF, half-LA duo operating as 5kinAndBone5 (pictured above) has taken a turn at reworking the opening track from MikeQ's recent—and, might we add, excellent—Let It All Out EP. 5kinAndBone5 has decided to pull out much of the original tune's modern ballroom/vogue house roots in order to toss "Master Blaster" into space-age dubstep territory, complete with futuristic drum sounds, rumbling bass, and a touch of ghostly atmosphere. But don't let the "Faster" portion added to the beginning of track's title fool you, there's certainly nothing sped up about this mix. This is a stark, spacious rework that fully reimagines "Master Blaster" outside the sweaty New York ballrooms MikeQ reigns over in exchange for the dark basement clubs of the bass-hungry masses.

Faster Master Blaster (5kinAndBone5 G-Mix)