Fortune West 'Deep Forest' (Rumtum Remix)

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We last heard from Philidelphia PA-based producer Fortune West back in February when he offered up his stunning cut "The Ghost" as the day's XLR8R download. That cut was pulled from hiss standout EP How Did We Get Here?, which was released on Abandon Building last month, fusing sun-soaked pop elements with more beat-driven downtempo and electronica.

The latest asset to arrive from the EP is Rumtum's remix of the closing track, "Deep Forrest." Staying true to the track's original feel-good form, Rumtum ups the energy with a more driving 4x4 rhythm and razor-sharp, shimmering synth lines for an interpretation that fits snuggly with the rest of the EP.

You can grab the remix via WeTransfer below, alongside the video for the original, with the full EP available here.

Deep Forest (Rumtum Remix)

deep forest from Golden Flicker Animations on Vimeo.