FREE.D 'Liberate Your Mind' feat. Roubs (Rhadow Remix)

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Hidden Vibes is a "music family based out in Moscow." It started two years ago, founded by FREE.D, Spieltape, Roma Moss, and Mik Kartl. Since then the family has been crafting the releases with all its passion. First EPs such as Thinking Fast & Slow by FREE.D with remixes from Powel and Mario Aureo, were a great success. “We had no plans to get so high from the first releases and actually it played a tricky thing with us. After this success we had already overwhelmed expectations for all our next releases," comments FREE.D. “On the other side the level was set and all the team has to fit in." Shortly after, "Liberate Your Mind" by FREE.D with Rhadow remix reached the same high level in sales and that set the stall found the sound a vision of the label.

The label will now celebrate two years with a various artist compilation featuring tracks from the catalog, titled Two Hidden Years and scheduled to land on October 25. In advance of its release, you can gab FREE.D feat. Roubs "Liberate Your Mind (Rhadow Remix)" via the WeTransfer button below.


01. FREE.D "Thinking Fast & Slow" (Powel Remix)
02. Roma Moss feat. Holy "Leaving Traces" (Zoo Brazil Remix)
03. FREE.D "Thinking Fast & Slow" (Original Mix)
04. Mik Kartl "Tunnels" (Helmut Dubnitzky Remix)
05. FREE.D feat. Roubs "Liberate Your Mind" (Rhadow Remix)
06. FREE.D & Mik Kartl "Digital Pope" (Original Mix)
07. FREE.D feat. Roubs "Liberate Your Mind" (Original Mix)
08. Spieltape "Ali" (Original Mix)
09. Mik Kartl "Jungle Riot" (Jackspot Remix)
10. FREE.D "Thinking Fast & Slow" (Mario Aureo Remix)
11. Mik Kartl "Jungle Riot" (Original Mix)
12. Spieltape "Ali" (Dachshund Remix)
13, Roma Moss & Gregory Alexander "Spaceman" (Mik Kartl Remix)