Walls "Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Long Mix)"


London duo Walls is one of those acts that kind of snuck by XLR8R. We really enjoyed their self-titled debut full-length when it dropped earlier this year, but then we kind of forgot to, you know... write about it. Whoops. Well, at least now we have a chance to redeem ourselves, as Sam Willis (who also does time in Allez-Allez) and Allessio Natalizia (a.k.a. Banjo or Freakout) are set to release a new EP, Gaberdine Remixe, on October 18. The pair's Balearic-tinged psychedelia and low-key electronic pop proclivities have always been a bit odd for Kompakt, but this Nathan Fake re-work does add some crunchy techno thump to the original's laidback feel. The EP also offers an ambient Nathan Fake remix along with a few other re-works.

Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Long Mix)