Hourglass Sea "Girl Band"**

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Taking much of his inspiration from the neon-flecked, ADD electronics of producers like Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, and the like, Hourglass Sea has put together a full-length record which he will release for free via Bandcamp in the coming days. Lifted from that offering, "Girl Band" comes to life towards the end of the budding producer's Live from the Crematorium LP (artwork above), its hip-hop-indebted bounce intensified by an incalculable amount of hi-hats, some resonating MIDI horns, and an array of glittery synth melodies. Like much of Hourglass Sea's music, it's a track that walks a tightrope between frantic beatwork and cheese-ball antics (i.e. those guitar riffs), but the UK producer seems to maintain a balance so far. Before the Live from the Crematorium LP drops, the entire record is available to stream after the jump.

Girl Band