Wintercoats "Halogen Moon (Mmoths Remix)"**

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"I need some light/But there's no light" is the simple refrain that caught the ear of Irish producer Mmoths (pictured above), who uses his remix to focus in on these two lines central the original version of Wintercoats' "Halogen Moon." Taking the lyrics' wistful sentiment as a jumping point, Mmoths' rework is a calming and inviting production, one that amasses gorgeous textures and pleasant melodies while still leaving large sections of empty sonic space available so that the trails of the tune's more airy elements are not lost in the background. Momths' remix comes as a belated companion to Wintercoats' Heartful EP, which was released back in April of this year via Yes Please and is available to hear in full after the jump.

Halogen Moon (Mmoths Remix)