Happy Mr. Fontex "Wine Magic"

Off-kilter beats and wild textures.
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Following his release with Vladimir DJ earlier this months, the Lotss Records co-founder Tim Söderström (a.k.a. Happy Mr. Fontex) steps up for his first solo outing with a two-track release, titled Wine Magic.

The title track features harmonic layers of bells that create a contagious melody with an off-kilter beat built up with textures, white noise, and a steady bassline. Meanwhile, "Blind Spot" is a real oddball displaying a broad spectrum of styles that inspired his productions: a footwork-inspired beat with a Gabber kick drum, dramatic pads, and something that sounds like rhythmic morse code.

Wine Magic is out everywhere digitally August 31, and in support of the release, you can download the title track in full via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.