Rival Consoles "Helios"

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An expansive electronic composition, "Helios" is set to close out the a-side of Rival Consoles' upcoming Sonne EP for the Erased Tapes label. Spanning just under five minutes, "Helios" is built on the back of a percussive shuffle, which chugs along as the producer amasses an array of glistening electronic textures. Building slowly at first, the track's buzzing arpeggios and heavenly drones eventually burst upon meeting a procession of live-played drums that enthusiastically march throughout the song's latter half. Rival Consoles' six-track Sonne EP will see its official release on September 15, to be followed later in the month by an Erased Tapes tour, which will find label affiliates Peter Broderick, Greg Haines, Douglas Dare, and Rival Consoles performing along the West Coast across a string of dates; more info can be found after the jump.


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