Sigha "HF029A1"

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The increasingly prolific UK producer known as Sigha will soon be able to say he's released two EPs on two labels in under a month. After dropping The Politics of Dying on May 23 via his own Our Circula Sound imprint, the artist will release a four-track record on Paul "Scuba" Rose's Hotflush Recordings, the aptly titled Sigha EP. "HF029A1" is the first of those mechanically titled original tunes, all of which feature a brand of bass-informed techno that is equally cold and precise. Maybe cold isn't the right word—the churning rhythms and rumbling electronics of Sigha's production are strangely warm and full-bodied, but there's no denying it all sounds like some kind of well-oiled machine twisting and turning its gears in order to make you dance. You can check out the artwork and tracklists for both of Sigha's new releases after the jump.

A1. The Politics Of Dying
A2. Over The Edge (Shifted Remix)
A3. The Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin Remix)


01. HF029A1
02. HF029A2
03. HF029B1
04. HF029B